Connected Nature of Trees

I have always been fascinated by the hidden power and ‘character’ of trees. They cover our world and keep an enclosed and essential connection to the earth beneath our feet. Their frequency and stillness means we often take them for granted and certainly spare no thought to their individual character, but each tree has a story to tell.

Tapped into the life blood of our planet, each of these magnificent trees has witnessed 100’s of years of life and death passing in full and complete cycle. Allowing each of the perennial subjects to open up and expose their true, inner character to the viewer. Each tree, rooted deep in the earth and reaching out into our world above ground, tells it’s story. Shaped by an eternal connection and cycle with nature that we barely notice in our busy and ‘important’ lives. You will never see a tree in the same light again.

Midnight Fire 

August 2010

90 x 90 x 3.8cm 

Lemon Yellow Sky 

June 2015

120 x 120 x 3.5cm


Into the woods  

July 2015

70 x 70 x 3.5cm

Morning Ochre 

August 2014

120 x 120 x 3.8cm

Dancing Green

September 2012

90 x 90 x 3.8cm 

Crimson Bark 

November 2010

76 x 76 x 3.8cm

The Gathering 

April 2015

90 x 90 x 3.8cm